Scognito's dev page


This is my Nintendo DS development page, hosted by dovoto and drunkencoders team (thank you!).
This space will be used mainly for hosting my projects and some other thing regarding the console development.

12 Oct 2012 - Scogger for Android released!

Another port of Scogger, this time for the green robot! Android app on Google Play

15 Jun 2011 - Scogger HD for Playstation 3 released!

Scogger with amazing HD graphics!

02 Dec 2008 - Piero's Wiicross for Wii and Gamecube is out!

Funny picture puzzle game, maybe my last homebrew :)

26 Sep 2008 - Scogger 0.2 for Mobile phone is out!

I think there are no platform I own where I can put Scogger into! :P

8 Jun 2008 - Scogger 0.2 for Wii and Gamecube is out!

Another port of Scogger, this time for Nintendo Wii and Gamecube :)

2nd Mar 2008 - Scogger v0.2 for PSP is out!

The frog landend on Sony PSP!

2nd Mar 2008 - Scogger v0.2 for DS is out!

Graphic improvements, music, and new input method (DS Motion)!

8th Jan 2008 - Scogger v0.1 is out!

Scogger is a puzzle game, help the frog to jump over all the tree trunks!

15th Aug 2007 - Scoglionario v0.1 is out!

Who wants to be millionaire for DS, avaiable in two languages (english / italian)!

13rd Jun 2007 - Nautilus script v0.2 for DLDI patcher out!

Improved the installer, added an uninstaller, added GTK windows instead of xterm text.

4th Jun 2007 - Nautilus script v0.1 for DLDI patcher out!

This script designed for Nautilus offer right-click ability to patch nds files.
Nothing extraordinary, just useful for lazy people like me.

25th Oct 2006 - Breakout DS is out!

This is my first (serious) game, for DS. It is a breakout/arkanoid clone.
This game was released for the NeoFlash summer coding competition, but it was in early stage of development.
Now it is playable and it has fancy new graphics (Super Mario bros theme).

25th Oct 2006 - New site look!

The "old" one was too bad, so I decided to put this one I used for old DS news on my site.

24th Oct 2006 - Site up!

Thanks to dovoto and the drunkencoders team I have some space to share my projects.
Still working on the site, some link may not work.